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The Day The World Ended (2001)

bowser's review: Scary

Plot Summary: Ben (Bobby Edner) lives in a small town. Suddenly people start getting murdered in hideous ways. Is it an alien? A psycopath? Or is it Ben?

The Day The World Ended is a fantastic sci-fi film in the style of the 50's B-Movies - only better! Bobby Edner is excellent in the is film as a troubled little boy with a big imagination! The first twenty minutes are a little weak but then it gets good! Also stars Randy Quaid who plays it perfectly!

Special effects by legendary Stan Winston Studios. Excellent cinematography by Mark Vargo! (Although, when using very fast primes, one must take more responsiblity. I love fast primes, the faster the better. But you just have to be more careful with them, i.e. the slightest move along the z-axis and your focus goes soft as happened several times in this film.) One of the 'Creature Feature' series. Popcorn required while watching this film! :)

Rated R: Brief/mild violence; sexual scene; brief profanity

bowser gives
The Day The World Ended a 4 out of 5 stars

Starring Bobby Edner

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