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Talking To Heaven

bowser's review: Thriller

Plot Summary: Andy (Reece Thompson) is the latest kidnap victim of a serial killer. Can a man (Ted Danson) who sees dead people help him, even if Andy isn't dead yet?

Talking To Heaven is an intriguing and engrossing thriller about about a man (Ted Danson) who has been plagued with being able to see dead people since he was a boy. Detective Karen Condrin (Mary Steenburgen) enlists his help to catch a serial killer. (Pre-dates The Sixth Sense by seven years.)

Note: Reece Thompson only plays a very small part in the film (maybe has 5 minutes screen time) and the film really isn't about him, other than the few clips we see of him as they try to save him.

Talking To Heaven is an absolutely spell-binding must see movie! Excellent cinematography! Also stars Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Diane Ladd, Michael Moriarty, Queen Latifah, and Jack Palance. Runtime: 180 minutes. Also known as Living With The Dead

Rated NR: Adult themes

bowser gives
Talking To Heaven a 5 out of 5 stars

Starring Reece Thompson

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