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The Garden (2005)

bowser's review: Scary

Plot Summary: The Forbidden Fruit is in The Garden. Don't eat the fruit!

The Garden is a scary horror flick, cinematically beautiful, interestingly done. Unfortunately, the plot makes no sense.

Adam Taylor Gordon does a great job in this film. But even more so is the chilling performance by legendary actor Lance Henriksen. It's worth watching just to see Lance Henriksen play the part of the 'Devil'. Get thee behind me Satan. Yikes! (Interesting note: a continuity error occurs in this clip -- When sam runs down the stairs he is barefoot. When he runs outside to talk to his dad, he has his boots on.)

Rated NR: Brief violence; mild profanity

bowser gives
The Garden a 3 out of 5 stars

Starring Adam Taylor Gordon

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