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Flight of the Innocent (1993)

bowser's review: Brutal

Plot Summary: Vito (Manuel Colao) is on the run from kidnappers, murderers, and the police. It seems like everyone is after Vito for no good. How can Vito possibly make it?

Flight of the Innocent is breathtaking in cinematic beauty! The cinematography rivals anything coming out of Hollywood. Director Carlo Carlei and cinematographer Raffaele Mertes did an excellent job on this film. But as beautiful as it is to watch, it is full of violence and brutality. A tough film to watch but extremely engaging.

Manuel Colao, as Vito, gives a fantastic performance. The plot moves along well and is interesting. Highly recommended! In Italian with English subtitles.

Rated NR: Graphic violence and brutality, blood and gore; adult themes

bowser gives
Flight of the Innocent a 4 out of 5 stars

Starring Manuel Colao

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Vito gets away
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Vito has flashbacks on the train
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