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Entrusted (2003)

bowser's review: COA

Plot Summary: Thomas (Thomas Sangster) has knowledge that his mother has entrusted to him. Knowledge that the German Military desperately wants. Will the Resistance Fighters be able to save him or will he be captured by the Military? Or worse, tricked into telling what he knows by the ruthless man playing mind games with him?

Entrusted is a harsh, brutal, and riveting coming-of-age film. Thomas Sangster is excellent and outstanding in this film. He is certainly one of the best young actors in film and television.

Great cinematography! Very well done and very intense. A must see film. Run-time 180 minutes.

Rated NR: Adult themes; brief/moderate profanity; war violence

bowser gives
Entrusted a 5 out of 5 stars

Starring Thomas Sangster

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