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Blue Jeans (1977)

bowser's review: COA

Plot Summary: Julien Morin (Gilles Budin) and Jean-Pierre are best friends. That is, until everyone starts calling them gay.

Blue Jeans is a heart-rending and touching coming-of-age film. Gilles Budin is excellent! He's devastated when his best friend Jean-Pierre will no longer see him or even talk to him because everyone is saying they're gay. Somewhat depressing feel to the film but has a nice ending. Definitely a must see film!

Excellent cinematography and quirky musical score (made in the seventies). Love those bell-bottom jeans! In French with English subtitles.

Rated NR: Adult themes; sexual themes; profanity

bowser gives
Blue Jeans a 3 out of 5 stars

Starring Gilles Budin

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Two friends
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Blue_Jeans - clips (by petri )

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Blue Jeans (1977)
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