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Let The Balloon Go (1976)

bowser's review: COA

Plot Summary: John Sumner (Robert Bettles) has a bum leg, but that's not what's holding him back. His over-protective parents (and seems like everyone else in town) won't let him do anything. But every kid has to grow up.

Let The Balloon Go is a wonderful coming of age film. Robert Bettles is an impressive young actor from back in the 70's. This is a must see, fun and entertaining film!

Beautiful cinematography. The slow-cinematic pacing works well for this film, culminating in an extremely tense ending.

Shot in beautiful Carcoar, New South Wales.

Rated NR: Good clean fun!

bowser gives
Let The Balloon Go a 4 out of 5 stars

Starring Robert Bettles

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