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13 Ghosts (1960)

bowser's review: Scary

Plot Summary: Buck (Charles Herbert) and his family inherit a real haunted house (and all the ghosts and scary stuff that comes with it).

13 Ghosts is a cool film for watching on Halloween night! Filmed in eerie Illusion-O format, it requires the use of a special viewer to make the ghosts visible. (But if you were scared, you could look through the other side of the viewer and not see the ghosts). New DVD releases do not require an Illusion-O viewer to watch the film, but if you have one, it makes it really cool!

The plot is light and fun for kids. Charles Herbert is great in the film and the other cast members were spooky too. Also stars Martin Milner (Adam 12) and Margaret Hamilton (Wizard of Oz 1939) with an introduction by William Castle.

Rated NR: Violence (of a playful nature); some material may frighten younger children

bowser gives
13 Ghosts a 3 out of 5 stars

Starring Charles Herbert

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Buck and the haunted house
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Buck sees a ghost
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